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This newly remodeled home has character and beauty all wrapped up in the best neighborhood along side some of the best schools for your kids! In this home staging project we wanted to highlight a functional layout that inspires prospective buyers. It can be very hard to visualize a space. Many people need to see it to believe it! Well, people saw it and the very first weekend of hosting open houses; offers came pouring in!

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CHALLENGE | Highlight the potential for entertainment with family and friends while honoring the size of the space so as not to over crowd it.  

In the living room we really wanted to keep things clean and chic. The nailhead trim on the sofas offer the feeling of elegance and luxury. The room was very narrow and it was hard for perspective buyers to visualize the space beyond what they could see in front of them. As professional home staging experts, we broke the room up into 3 functional spaces. Behind the love seat you can find a desk area. Beyond that would be the formal dining space.


In home staging, its important for each space to have a focal point. Pick your focal point and design around that. In this space the obvious focal point is the beautiful fireplace!

Stay with me, more professional home staging tips & tricks to come below!

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CHALLENGE | Create a functional flow through the shared living room space while compliment the design aesthetic as a whole. 

In this space the console table become the perfect place for a focal point. The light area rug creates contrast against the dark finish of the dining table. The sheepskin rug creates texture and balance.


Adding texture is key in creating balance in the space. A room can have all of the right colors, and furniture but without texture is could still seem off balance. Whether you apply texture through a rug, accent pillows or plants, it's key to a successful design. Aren't these home staging tips great!?

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CHALLENGE | Highlight the counter space as this is a huge selling feature while providing inspiration for function and flow

Our home staging experience with this kitchen was easy!  We highlighted this beautiful kitchen with simple accents and small appliances. Some may not agree with having appliances out. I think it is necessary in order to showcase the potential layout for prospective buyers.


Clear all of the counters when staging your home and leave only decorative accents and small appliances like a toaster and coffee maker. Its important that these are cleaned and showcase well and there aren't too many! You want to show off the available counter space.  Use glass jars and lemons to add a pop of color! More professional home staging tips and tricks below!


CHALLENGE | Highlight the additional dining space while providing inspiration for function and flow

We staged the additional dining space with simple accents and a hardy dining set. In home staging, you never want to overcrowd a space but rather showcase how easy the flow and function of the space can be!

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With a loving husband and three amazing kids, Irene is committed to serving and supporting fellow community families of all shapes and sizes by helping them realize their home vision with innovation, integrity and passion.


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CHALLENGE | Highlight the wide open space with a calming neutral pallet. 

In this large Master bedroom new wanted to showcase a traditional bedroom set. We added additional contrast and texture by adding the side chairs and pillows. Without these side chairs that room may have felt too empty or off-balance.


Accent chairs and benches are perfect filler pieces for empty and awkward spaces!

Remember, in professional home staging you must choose your focal point! It's very important to have this! In home staging, we want to highlight the key features in a home and landing place for the viewers eye!

When choosing accents; creating a variety of accents with different shapes and heights creates balance! Don't you just love this fireplace!?! So cozy!

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