2019 Trends and Inspiration | Side Table Style Guide

2019 Trends and Inspiration | Side Table Style Guide

2019 Trends and Inspiration | Side Table Style Guide

Personalized spaces are what truly makes your house a home. After designing your home, room by room, adding in those little details help to create an emotional connection to the space! Whether you decide to personalize each room as a whole, or chose the smaller, more intimate spaces in your home, the turnout will be amazing because it represents YOU! A great place to start this process is by customizing and styling your side table with a few of your favorite things!

In this article, we will be breaking down the ways for you to add your own personal style to your side table! In addition, we will be featuring some of our favorite Target on trend products for you to stay inspired! {Affiliate Links Included!}


2019 Trends and Inspiration
Side Table Style Guide
Side Table Style Guide


Having a specific style for your side table can feel irrelevant to the overall design of your home. However, having a clean, organized and aesthetically pleasing side table next to your bed can make you feel relaxed and truly at home when you unwind from a long day. Consider what is on display in the inspiration photos above.

Because this is such a small area to personalize, overcrowding it with too many accessories is the main concern. However, that does not mean it can't represent your personal style and aesthetic in a few significant pieces! Elements such as your favorite books and greenery add that visually pleasing component, and still making you feel connected. In addition, incorporating function with a table lamp, sconce or alarm clock adds purpose while complimenting your overall style! Soon enough, your side table will represent you in the best way!

Feeling inspired by stylish side tables?! Below, we have linked some of our favorite products for you to personalize your space! These images are for your viewing pleasure, but also include links for purchasing these products for your very own design! {Affiliate Links Included!}



Do you still need to add a little something to finish styling your side table!? Consider incorporating additional functional accessories such as a catch-all bowl or an alarm clock, or personalizing it with your favorite candle or oil diffuser! In addition, showcasing personal photos or daily affirmations can help this space really feel like it represents you.


Thank you all for reading this week's Inspired Design Diaries Blog! We hope these tips and inspiration will help you stay stylish and creative with your home! From trouble shooting tips, inspiration and favorite product finds; we've got you covered!

Stay tuned to see inspo + photos for this week's theme on our Pinterest page!

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