2019 Traditional Home Office Ideas + Inspiration


Traditional Home Office Ideas + Inspiration

Having an office space in your home may be used for many different functions. To some, this space is typically used to get some extra work done. To others, this space is used to get a little privacy to sort out bills, get organized, or even just browse home decor websites online (we all do it). Whatever the function may be, we all desire our home office space to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional! 

To begin your home office design, finding the right style that suits you is a defining starting point for this process. In this instance, we are using a traditional style that serves as a calming, soothing, and classic atmosphere which we all desire when we are busy at work. The goal for this space is to create that ambiance that will help you remain focused and organized with functionality, and also be comfortable and beautiful for you to enjoy. 

In this article, we will be breaking down traditional home office styles and the different ways in which you can achieve a functional but beautiful space. In addition, we will be featuring some of our favorite trending products to help you create your own home office space!



The home office is a personalized space in the home, so keeping that initial style in mind to tie in with the rest of your home is a great start! Consider the elements displayed in the photo above: specific pieces like the traditional desk, comfortable and vibrant chair, greenery and comfortable guest seating offer that specific style while keeping the functionality and creativity in mind as well! The tones and textures in this photo, such as the blue tones and velvet chair, keep that visual interest to assist in creating the balance you want to achieve!

Does this design call out to you!? Below we have displayed all of our favorite Target finds to help you complete this look! In addition, we have laid out some troubleshooting tips for designing your space! The products displayed below are for you to get inspired! But, they are also a way for you to get started designing your space! These products are a click away. Happy shopping! {Affiliate links included!}



Is there something missing in your home office? Here's a few things to think about. The space as a whole could be lacking storage or more lighting. While creating this space, it is important to keep in mind that you may need extra storage to stay organized, and some good lighting to keep focused!


Because this room is about functionality, having enough storage space to stay organized is crucial, but can add to the overall design of your space! Keeping it simple with baskets + bins accessorizes your room while keeping functionality in mind! Here's a few of our favorite finds to up your storage game in your home office!


Perhaps your home office is lacking enough lighting to keep you focused and on top of it! For this space, consider adding in a floor lamp to add to the overall lighting to the room. In addition, a smaller scaled desk lamp is crucial to balance the lighting in the room Check out some of our favorite finds below!


Thank you all for reading this week's Must Have Monday Blog! We hope these tips will help you stay stylish and creative with your home office! From trouble shooting tips, inspiration and favorite product finds; we've got you covered!

Stay tuned to see inspo + photos for this week's theme on our Pinterest page! And check out our last blog on Living Room Ideas here!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links and Design Allure will be compensated if you make a purchases after clicking on links. 

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