2019 Spring Patio Ideas and Inspiration

Modern Boho Patio Ideas + Inspiration

Spring is coming! Whether you have a tiny balcony or an extensive backyard, creating a comfortable and luxurious outdoor patio space is essential to take advantage of the beautiful days ahead! When designing an outdoor area, it is key to consider the space to be inviting, comfortable, and of course, aesthetically pleasing. From elements such as plush furniture, to choosing the right greenery for the space, an outdoor area is created to be that desired space to unwind and entertain in the spring and summer months. 

In this article, we will be breaking down the ways in which you can design an outdoor escape for your family and guests! We will also be including some of our favorite trending Target products, as well as some troubleshooting tips to make your outdoor space unique and personalized. 



The outdoor area typically functions as the space where you can relax and unwind with your friends and family, read your favorite book, or recharge and recover for days ahead. Consider what is on display in the inspiration image above. Pieces such as the wicker accent chairs and the plush throw pillows offer that desired relaxed tone for your outdoor space. In addition to these pieces, adding in elements such as your favorite greenery creates an emotional connection with your space. Below, we have linked some of our favorite Target finds to inspire you and assist in recreating this beautiful outdoor look! {Affiliate links included}



Is your outdoor patio design still missing something? Your space could be lacking essential pieces such as more seating for those nights that you entertain, and substantial lighting for when the sun goes down. In addition, adding accessories such as your favorite outdoor greenery could complete this look! 


Because this space is surrounded by the idea of comfort and relaxation, creating seating for everybody to be relaxed and comfortable is essential to the success of your outdoor patio design. Try incorporating more seating such as an outdoor sofa, a loveseat, or even more accent chairs! Here are some of our favorite finds to help you add more seating to your outdoor patio design!


When having guests, the idea is to carry on your social gathering through the warm evenings. Is your outdoor patio space missing essential lighting? Adding in products such as string lights, sconces, or even more pendant lighting can assist in the function of your space, and also act as a charming accessory. We have added some of our favorite lighting options below to keep your space light and bright throughout the evening!


Still missing something in your outdoor patio design?! Try personalizing the space with your favorite organic elements that are exclusive to the outdoor space. Adding greenery such as an agave plant, a small herb garden with your favorite cooking herbs, or even a small scale tree that grows your favorite fruit. This element will create that emotional connection with your space! Below, we have linked some greenery that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!


Thank you all for reading this week's Must Have Monday Blog! We hope these tips will help you stay stylish and creative with your entryway! From trouble shooting tips, inspiration and favorite product finds; we've got you covered!

Stay tuned to see inspo + photos for this week's theme on our Pinterest page! And check out our last blog on Master Bedroom Ideas here!

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