When it comes to recreating our interiors, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly one style you're most attracted to.  Especially when there is so much inspiration out there! I mean seriously, try to Pinterest living room inspiration. The overwhelming amount of different options to choose from can leave us feeling bewildered and confused. Have no fear because this article highlights 15 of the most popular, on trend, design styles and their definitions. Furthermore, at the end of this article, you can take our design style quiz and find out exactly what your design style is!


mid-century modern interior design

Mid-Century Modern interiors employe the philosophy of form and function. As a result, this design style features refined lines, minimalistic approach and organic shapes.

Key materials used in Mid-Century Modern interiors include sleek, industrial finishes.  Textiles highlighted include leather, and other natural fibers. In addition to the that, neutral color palettes are usually key. Furthermore, the Mid-century modern masters defined creative ways to use new materials like molded plastic, plywood and aluminum in this design style. Its pieces are versatile, and can complement countless design styles in combination.

As a professional interior designer, I would strongly recommend combining elements from other design styles in order to create balance and harmony within your space. We can conclude from experience that purist approach when decorating a mid-century modern house, can make your design look a bit passé.


industrial interior design

The Industrial interior design style is a look that goes all the way back to the turn-of-the-century, the industrial era. As a result, this style emphasizes the use of raw materials, muted colors, metallic fixtures and contemporary furnishings. In addition, monochromatic color pallets are used when combining these raw materials and finishes.

In designing for the Industrial look, make the most of the architectural elements in your home and expose them. Features  such as metal, concrete, brick and wood create the perfect look! In addition, if you don’t want to expose your homes lovely bones, there are tons of fabulous wallpapers on the market that imitate these natural materials and finishes. In conclusion, when setting the stage for your Industrial style home, find decor that is more rustic and mature.

3. Coastal Interior Design

coastal interior design

Coastal interiors employ the philosophy of a classic, relaxed and fresh style. As a result this design style features a neutral palette with different shades of blue as the primary accent color.

Key materials used in Coastal interiors include unfinished wood combined with chic linen upholstery. In addition, you can find decorative accents such as starfish, stripes, anchors and nautical stars to complete the look.

In conclusion, nautical décor, (also known as coastal),  should reflect the timeless beach house spirit. Create the feeling that the ocean is never going away with this interior design style!

4. Farmhouse Interior Design

farmhouse interior design

The Farmhouse style has been around a long time. It's recent booming popularity came with the popularity of HGTV's show, Fixer Upper. Unlike other modern day interior design styles, this approach opens the door to a wide variety of décor, furnishing and surface selections.

Popular materials incorporated in the Farmhouse look include distressed wood, linen upholstery, and neutral color pallets. In addition, this style incorporates simple and organic elements.

Farmhouse decor is a charming and today we are even seeing a modern approach to this country-inspired interior design.


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5. Shabby Chic Interior Design

shabby chic interior design

Shabby Chic interiors emphasize vintage, eclectic elements to recreate the antique market look. As a result, this interior design style can be characterized by aged appearance in furnishings and decor. In addition, painted and distressed pieces that feature signs of wear and tear complete this antique look.

Shabby Chic décor is soft and opulent.  Textiles include organic patterns, floral motifs and linen upholstery with heavy layers to complete the look.



rustic interior design

Rustic interior design features natural, raw and unfinished elements. As a result this design style features rustic décor that brings the outside in. It does this while also incorporating architectural elements such as beams and vaulted ceilings and reclaimed wood. Furthermore, today, (2018), we are seeing this design style featured with a neutral color pallet and modern highlights.

7. Scandinavian Interior Design

scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design styles feature simplicity with a mix of modern. As a result this design style features interesting lines and sculptural influence so that you can create a fresh, sophisticated and timeless look.

Common characteristics for Scandinavian styles include white neutral colors pallets, natural elements and bright plastics. In addition, a minimalist approach is taken when accessorizing these spaces.



bohemian interior design

Bohemian design styles feature decor that captures the carefree and adventurous spirit of the one who thinks outside the box. As a result, this style highlights rich patterns and vibrant colors.

Thy key to the Bohemian interior design is balance. So bring on Moroccan-inspired accent pillows in order to bring a subtle Boho vibe into a neutral room. In addition, you could bust out your old guitars for an eclectic collection of indie-wall art.  Furthermore, house plants are key. You do not want to skip this step.

The Bohemian interior design style is inspired by well-traveled pioneers.  As a result you'll want to look for pieces that have ethnic vibes. In addition, Moroccan, tribal and southwestern themes are the current trend!

9. Contemporary interior design

contemporary interior design

Contemporary interior design features modern combinations to create a clean and streamlined look, with minimal décor. As a result, contemporary design is luxurious, separating it from modern design completely. Its characteristics include minimal curved lines, abstract art, and few patterns. In addition, materials include smooth finishes with clean lines and shiny surfaces.

10. Minimalist Interior Design

minimalist interior design

Minimalistic interiors employ spacious layouts with minimal furniture, details and decor. As a result, minimalist interiors emphasize shape, color and texture creating a calming, untouched look.

Minimalistic interiors have grown very popular today because of its psychological influence. According to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, having cluttered spaces has been proven to cause high levels of stress. We can conclude that no wants to return home to a disorganized house after a day of hard work.


11. Traditional Interior Design

traditional interior design

Traditional interior styles emphasize both a classic and timeless look. As a result its predictable nature highlights a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The key to designing for Traditional interiors is incorporating detailed wood work and layers of trim. Furthermore, subtle patterns and accent colors blend well when creating this look. In addition, hardy pieces of furniture complete the look!

12. Transitional Interior Design

transitional interior design

Transitional interiors employ a balanced blend of both traditional and modern interior design. As a result, this design style features lines that are less ornate than traditional interiors.  But no more ornate compared to contemporary interiors.

Key elements used within this style include finish materials such as chrome and glass.  This highlights the contemporary twist. Furthermore, wood typically features warm tones with a range of finishes from unfinished, to high gloss. In addition, texture is another important element within Transitional interiors, and a range of fabrics can vary from durable materials to sophisticated and plush.

Unlike contemporary furniture, transitional style focuses on comfort and function to meet the lifestyle of an active household. In addition, the scales of furniture featured is ample but not overwhelming in order to complete the uncomplicated look.


french country interior design

French country interiors employ an elegant twist in creating this sophisticated and timeless look. As a result, key elements include neutral and warm color pallets.  While incorporating pieces for subtle but yet slightly ornate lines. In addition, elements include a distressed finishes on materials such as cabinets, walls and furniture. But not too much or you'll start to see a bit more shabby chic.

14. Hollywood Glam

hollywood glam interior design

Hollywood Glam, (otherwise known as Hollywood Regency), employs drama, glamour and a twist on old classics. This design styles employs a luxurious and opulent approach with rich textures such as velvet and shiny chrome fixtures. In addition, you can blend a mixture of antiques to complete this truly sophisticated look.

15. Eclectic Interior Design

eclectic interior design

Eclectic interiors embrace a series of various elements. This interior design style features a combination of textures, time-periods, styles, trends and colors to create the look. Balance is key when designing these interiors.


I cant thank you enough for reading this blog about the different types of interior design styles. Remember, when designing interiors, balance is KEY. Check out our articles on the Principles and Elements of Interior Design, Part 1 HERE to learn more about the elements that go into interior design. Check out Part 2 of the same articles HERE to learn more about the principles of interior design.

We so hope you've enjoyed discovering these amazing and different types of design styles.  Feel free to comment below and tell us what you thought! Thanks again!


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