is hiring an interior designer worth it

If you’re at a crossroads with the dilemma as to whether or not it will be a good investment in hiring an interior designer, you’ve come to the right place. You may have already written out a pro and cons list that looks somewhat like this.


  1. An interior designer understands the principles and element of interior design and as a result, creates stunning interiors.
  2. An interior designer has access to exclusive trade only resources, and she might even share her discounts with her clients. In addition they have contacts to the best labor out there.
  3. An Interior Designer would save you time.



  1. I can do it myself by copying a photo.
  2. Most charge $100/hr. and have a markup on items (up to 30%), so ultimately, isn’t it more costly?
  3. Maybe a designer saves me time, but wouldn’t I still have to review and approve everything?

These are all valid points to consider. So we asked around and spoke to 20 people that have an opinion about hiring a professional interior designer and you wouldn’t believe the results! Only 4 People stated they didn’t feel like hiring an interior designer was worth it and not 1 of the 4 people had ever hired a professional interior designer before in the first place. You can conclude that you may need to experience the process and learn from it before knocking it all together.

You’ll quickly understand there is so much more to interior design than just looking at a photo and copying it. It the millions of little details that goes into creating stunning interiors. This article represents 6 reasons as to why you should hire an interior designer and why it IS worth it after all! You can check out our article on “When to hire an interior designer,” for more information on this topic too!


why hire an interior designer

Is your spouse someone who is very particular about all the various details of the house including furniture, finishing’s, fixtures and window treatments? Does she research various furniture lines desperately wanting to incorporate new pieces in the home to make her vision a reality? Does she even really understand what vision she is going for? I mean, a spouse is going to have a vision too! Does she understand how to use the principles and elements of interior design to her advantage so that she can create balanced interiors? The truth of the matter is, she probably doesn’t and in this case, it may worth it to both of you to invest in an interior designer. You may only need advice, and you may need more than that, but consulting at the very least will likely enhance your relationship in a positive way.

Interior design is a specialty skill no different from a doctor, lawyer or accountant. When you invest so much of your hard earned money in making your dream home a reality, the weight is too much and it is too important for someone, or even a couple, to fly solo. You don’t want the pressure of making all of the design decision to be on one person because if they aren’t satisfied in the end, that would be devastating. So get a designer and build a support system.

Once you both have a good ideas of what your design style is, along with a prioritized wish list outlining the scope of the project, and a solid budget in mind of what you are actually willing to invest as a whole, contact a professional interior design firm and get the support and guidance you need so that you vision can become a reality!


why should i hire an interior designer

If you’ve recently purchased a new home you most certainly have a time constraint of getting things moved in and set up prior to going back to work. In this case, an interior designer is helpful because they can quickly assist you in selecting furniture, finishes and fixtures. In addition, your interior designer isn’t going to be “new to town,” and will have the ability to get you connected to competent trade peoples to get the work done right and on time. You will find that this is a lifesaver and that you can get back to work with a clear head knowing your sanctuary at home awaits your return.


home stagers

If you don’t have the experience of working with an interior designer, you should know that its “worth” results in how much you are willing to invest in your project, as well as how well your designer  communicates and understands your vision. Your designer needs to be in tune with your preference and this is not a one-size-fits-all matter. A great interior designer has lots of experience. In addition, they will have a vision and a great eye for detail,  in order to ensure a perfect balance in the overall design.

Yes, you can take a picture and literally copy that and design around it. The truth of the matter is, anything seems simple when you aren’t aware of all the little details that make up great interior design. We aren’t saying you couldn’t do it yourself, we’re just saying it might be a long and painful process on your own.

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why hire an interior decorator

Often times people come to an interior designer after having already wasted countless hours searching for the perfect pieces to go into a space just to find out that the sofa they ordered is too big, or the media center is too small in scale for the TV. Then it’s back to square one in searching for the next best thing,  and on top of that, you need to invest the time in having that item returned now. Most retailers charge a 30% restocking fee and believe me, you don’t want the headache of spending 6 hours on the phone trying to arrange the return. Save money and time by hiring an interior designer and getting the right things in the first place.


why is hiring an interior decorator worth it

Some people believe their homes are only meant to be lived in and aren’t for making a statement to anyone or even themselves. They simply don’t care about having a unified appearance in their home.  My friend Janice never cared about what her house looked like until she became an empty nester. Then, she and her husband embarked on a complete remodel of their home.

Janice and Roger suddenly had the extra time on their hands with the kids all out of the house.  In addition, they spent a lot of time in their home. They believe their interior designer added great value and incredible insights. The whole process was a huge learning experience, they had a ton of fun. Furthermore, they even became friends with their interior designer, and her husband enjoyed the entire process. For Janice, it was the best decision she ever made and she and her husband get to come home to their dream home every day. In conclusion, Janice and Roger both believe investing in an interior designer is WORTH EVERY PENNY and “impressing” the neighbors had nothing to do with it.


why hire an interior designer 1

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people say they can’t visualize a space beyond what they see in front of them? In general, we are all creatures of habit and people will often resort to the same colors and styles. Ultimately this can cost them a ton of time trying to figure out a design that looks great. I’ve heard of stories where people spent 3 weeks collecting paint samples and trying them out, just to find that they all look the same color because of the lighting throughout.  Choosing paint colors isn’t just about picking your favorite color, other factors have to be considered such as lighting and a great interior designer is going to know how all of those factors come into to play when advising you on a paint color selection.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! We hope you found it valuable and helpful! Our goal here at Design Allure is to offer you relevant and valuable information so that you can make informed decisions. Sometimes hiring a designer just simply comes down to cost and we get that.

Did you know there are still affordable options out there? Have you ever thought about online interior design?  If you don’t live in Portland, OR Design Allure would be happy to assist you in a more cost affordable custom package where we design a design concept and floor plan layout, (if needed), based on your style, tastes and budget. Email Irene at with details about your project for a custom quote for an online interior design package today!

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  1. Sharon Wilson-Smith on December 26, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    I like that you said that hiring an interior designer can save you time and can help you to get discounts. My husband and I are planning to have our new condo unit decorated. We want to make sure that we won’t spend a lot of time finding the perfect materials that will meet our budget, so we’ll make sure to consider all your tips.

  2. Taylor Bishop on February 8, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Thanks for explaining why it could be good to hire an interior designer. It’s good to know that the designer should have a lot of experience and a good eye for detail. This seems very beneficial especially if it can help make sure that the space will look aesthetically pleasing while also being functional.

    • designallurepdx on October 15, 2019 at 10:50 am

      Thank you for reading! We always love to help educate our audience!

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