the historic dollhouse

This home staging took place in a sweet + quaint North Portland neighborhood. Because this home was built in the 1800’s and had all of the original trim, we went with a look that brought out the true vintage feel of the home, but also added an industrial twist! When staging a home like this one, it is important to preserve the natural components while providing a fresh + natural feel through key pieces and relevant styles to appeal to all potential buyers!


CHALLENGE |  The foyer is a welcoming place that displays opportunity. The goal is to stage a styled but organized look!

After stepping through the beautiful red front door, we walk through the front entry into a spacious great room. There was so much we could do with this space! The natural light and wall space made our theme come to life!

Incorporating a few different styles into the great room was the goal for this staging. We included pieces such as the oatmeal chesterfield sofa + the industrial coffee table to make that vision happen. Complementing these specific styles was accomplished with adding the floral Persian style rug and the feather wall art. The great room was also complimented with a cozy sitting nook, in which we added a more sophisticated twist, and a reading area with an accent chair and built-in shelves. This room was so versatile! Who wouldn’t want to relax in there?!

the dining room

CHALLENGE | Create a vision of potential entertaining and family occasions while leaving the space decluttered and chic.

After walking through the great room, we are greeted with a sophisticated dining area, which is especially complimented with a spectacular wood-burning fireplace. We used a reclaimed wood dining table and tied in oatmeal cloth chairs to create a sophisticated twist, as well as added texture and warmth with a woven rug, and a fresh feel with the industrial plant centerpiece. Accessorizing with tall candle sticks in the corner of the room were great for a potential dining experience! We were so proud of the turnout of this dining area that we were practically planning a dinner party!

The dining room is always an important room in home staging because it displays the variety that can be brought to life by potential buyers, and is a room that truly makes it feel like home!


CHALLENGE | Highlight the kitchen's fresh feel through function and creativity while completing a clean look.

The kitchen should always remain clean + fresh with accents and a spacious overall feel. We kept the kitchen looking decluttered and alluring with the use of tall plants + a fun pub table to allow the buyer to really get a feel for the space while adding our industrial twist!


CHALLENGE | Create a multifunctional space that is functioning to the potential buyer while also designing a relaxing atmosphere.

After walking up the beautiful stairwell, we are greeted to the right with the master bedroom which was accentuated with natural light from the large windows.. For this space, we used a stunning headboard that gave the room height, and a kept our vintage style with the use of throw pillows + a textured duvet. Because of the scale of the room, we kept it simple with two bedside tables and a stand up dresser for storage. The farm house doors added a bold feel to the room, and lead to the larger walk in closet! This room has such a cozy vibe to it!


Thank you all for reading and staying up to date on our projects! We are very happy with the results and will update with the sale! If you have any questions regarding Design Allure or any home stagings please feel free to reach out!

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IRENE Tokstad

With a loving husband and three amazing kids, Irene is committed to serving and supporting fellow community families of all shapes and sizes by helping them realize their home vision with innovation, integrity and passion.


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